September 20th, 2022

2023 Budget Hearing and TSC Presentation


Video Recording of Meeting

Public Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Agenda 9-20-2022.docx.pdf

Public Meeting Minutes

DRAFTSeptember Wabash Township Board Meeting.docx

2023 Budget Proposal (Form 1) (Note: Adopted Amounts are Placeholders)

Form1 - Wabash Township.pdf

2023 Estimate of Miscellaneous Revenues (Form 2)

Form2 - Wabash Township.pdf

2023 Budget Estimate - Financial Statement - Proposed Tax Rate (Form 4-B) (Note: Adopted Amounts are Placeholders)

Form4b - Wabash Township.pdf

2023 Budget Presentation

2023 Budget Hearing - Board Meeting Copy

TSC Superintendent Presentation

Presentation Regarding Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) Growth and Future Plans

Wabash Township Board September 20, 2022.pptx